Tinnitus Relief

1.     Lipoflavinoids– $22.00 per bottle (price may very). Lipoflavinoids are a dietary supplement that contains a natural antihistamine and several B vitamins. This combination helps to decrease swelling of the inner ear and increase the blood flow or circulation.

There are many other supplements on the market for tinnitus relief such as ring stop, quietus, etcPatients have reported some relief with these supplements and they may be an option, however, there are no medical studies proving that most of these work .  We do not suggest that you ever take any supplement without consulting a physician because some “natural” ingredients can be harmful given your medical history and current medications.

2.     Sound Machine with White Noise Capability- $30.00 to 50.00.sound_machine1_WinCE    sound_machine_2_WinCE

A sound machine is a noise making device that is plugged into the wall to admit a white noise “static” sound. The admitted sound drowns out the ringing in a quiet room, or at bedtime, so the ringing is not as bothersome.

3.     Tinnitus Masker– $750.00/ea.                  tinnitus_masker_WinCE

A tinnitus masker is a device that looks much like a hearing aid but does not amplify sound. Its sole purpose is to admit a narrow band noise at a specific pitch and volume level that cancels out “masks” the ringing in the ear. The noise is similar to a low pitched fan or static sound. Why is this helpful? It is widely believed that continued use of tinnitus masking can promote a neurological process known as habituation. This is a physical process which involves neuronal remapping in the auditory cortex of the brain leading to desensitization of tinnitus.

4.     Hearing Aids– $1,200.00 to $3,100.00/ea.

A hearing aid is used to help those not only with tinnitus, but with hearing loss as well.  Hearing aids amplify sounds that a person with hearing loss can no longer hear.  Unlike popular belief, hearing aids do not increase the volume of everything in the environment or the volume of the tinnitus.  Correction is only given where needed, and a significant number of people find a decrease in the tinnitus.  When the hearing aids amplify the necessary sounds not heard, research has shown that the representation of tinnitus in the central auditory cortex is affected. In other words, the brain does pay as much attention the tinnitus input single because it is more preoccupied by all the other sound stimuli it is now processing.

5.     Masker and Hearing Aid in One– $2854.00/ea.                 tinnitus_and_hearing_in_one_WinCE

This device is an actual state of the art hearing aid that can also be put into a masker mode for times when there is little environmental stimulation of sound to drown out the tinnitus.