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Allergy Specialist

Sinus & Allergy Testing At Acadiana Allergy Center

At the Acadiana Allergy Center, the allergy specialist will decide if sinus & allergy testing is needed based on your personal medical history, family history, and physical examination. Knowing what you are allergic to and your allergy seasons, helps to determine if allergy medications will help and how long you need to take allergy medications. If medications are not working or you are taking them year round, you should consider allergy testing so that we can give you more specific information about how to manage your allergies or consider immunotherapy (shots or drops).

Acadiana Allergy Center Testing

  • Sinus & Allergy Testing is primarily performed by a nurse at the Allergy Center. This is especially helpful for our pediatric patients as well as patients who have an aversion to needles. If the patient is going to surgery for another reason, we may be able to do allergy testing while under anesthetic in the operating room.
  • Types of Allergy Testing
    • Prick Testing
    • Individual Needle Sticks (IDT)
    • In Vitro (Immunocap)

We provide a topical anesthetic cream to apply before testing to help ease the discomfort of the allergy testing.

  • Treatment
    • Is individualized based on response to testing.
    • If avoidance is practical, testing helps to educate patient on what antigens to avoid.
    • If allergies are mild, medical management might well be advocated.
    • Allergies that are significant will often meet criteria for Immunotherapy. We offer Immunotherapy in both the shot and Sublingual forms.
    • Although most people who suffer from allergies and related illnesses can benefit from allergy drops, they are especially helpful for people who can’t tolerate or don’t respond to allergy shots such as infants.

Allergy Testing Information

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